Introduction to The Neurological Approach

The Movement 360 Neurological Approach is a system that I developed while working with over 2,000 clients during 15,000 hours of sessions over the last 14 years.  It’s a system that is simple, easy to follow, and achieves amazing results when applied to Parkinson’s, movement disorders, and back and joint pain.

The success of this system comes from teaching and empowering clients to heal themselves by shifting their perspective and their way of thinking. Clients begin learning the fundamentals of how to care for their bodies and heal themselves during their very first session.

Shifting a client’s perspective and how they think is more important than the exercises, stretches and movements they will be doing. When clients living with Parkinson’s come to me, most of them are already doing exercises and stretches and their Parkinson’s symptoms are usually steadily getting worse. How my new clients exercise, stretch, walk and move their bodies throughout their day is often what is creating many of the problems they are coming to me for.

For example, if a client’s walking pattern is irregular, meaning they are stooped forward, have an irregular pattern to each step, favor one side of their body or the other, and are not using the correct musculature and posture, then just the act of walking is creating structural issues throughout their bodies! If the structural issues creating a client’s poor walking patterns are not addressed and continually monitored, then any exercise they are performing is strengthening the unevenness, asymmetry, pain, and injury in their bodies. These underlying structural issues which create pain, injury and breakdown are unfortunately amplified by Parkinson's Disease. When I work with people living with Parkinson's, the more we work on their underlying structural issues, the faster they improve their walking, balance, flexibility and posture.

People with untreated underling issues have created a paradox that can be seen at fitness competitions, gyms, sports and in people walking around the world who are creating more pain and injury, the more they walk and exercise.

The Neurological Approach is built on a new model of a healthy human being. This model suggests that there is a more correct walking pattern that can benefit every part of the body, that there are better ranges of motion for joints, more appropriate neurological connections and movement patterns throughout the body. This new model suggests that there are certain “beneficial movement patterns” which, when done correctly, help to create a human that can thrive mentally, physically and emotionally. When you learn this approach you become an agent for your own health, gaining the fundamental tools and awareness to heal yourself and begin to thrive as a human being.

The Neurological  Approach becomes your very own owners manual that humans were not born with but have needed for such a long time. You will begin learning how to solve your own structural issues that are contributing to pain, injury, stiffness, breakdown and mobility problems.

In the next few months we will be publishing the first in a series of books which uses this system for a variety of issues, to teach people living with Parkinson's how they can relieve many of their symptoms and live a much better life.

You can read more about this system and Parkinson's in an article recently published In Prime Time Magazine which interviews two people living with Parkinson's and how this work has changed their lives.

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