Who We Work With

Chronic Pain & Injuries


We help clients who are experiencing pain, mobility issues & various diagnoses that impact their quality of life

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Living with Parkinson's


Our neurological approach to improving mobility and alignment has proven extremely effective for people living with Parkinson's Disease

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Reach Your Potential


Do you feel like you're being held back by physical limitations you don't know how to overcome? Get back to the basics and align and strengthen your body for optimal performance, pain-free, in full 360

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Treatment Isn't Working


We work with clients who are frustrated with other modalities & treatment protocols that haven't alleviated their pain and mobility issues

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What We Do

At Movement 360, we use a unique neurological approach of movement training that restores the body to its natural functioning for pain-free living. Through simple and effective techniques, we fundamentally reprogram unhealthy movement patterns caused by the modern lifestyle and help people who are frustrated with existing alternatives of movement therapy to reach their bodies' full potential.

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5 Areas of Pain and Injury that Begin to Appear in your 40s

In my work as a movement and alignment practitioner, I’m seeing more and more younger clients with orthopedic issues that were once a sign of old age. What’s going on? The simple answer is that compared to how much our great-grandparents moved just 100 years ago, modern life
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Introduction to The Neurological Approach

The Movement 360 Neurological Approach is a system that I developed while working with over 2,000 clients during 15,000 hours of sessions over the last 14 years.  It’s a system that is simple, easy to follow, and achieves amazing results when applied to Parkinson’s, movement disorders,
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April Cover Prime Time Magazine

We are excited to have been chosen for the cover of Prime Time Magazine's April Issue (article is on pages 8-9) dedicated to Parkinson's Awareness Month. You can download a PDF of the article by clicking on the link below. Life After Parkinson's Parkinson&
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Client Testimonials

Kenneth Kallen, MHCA

"As a retired Healthcare Professional, I can recognize a talented and knowledgeable Rehabilitation practitioner. I truly appreciate what Shannon has achieved to restore me to a higher level of functioning after being severely injured in an accident a number of years ago. Throughout my recovery I had yet to experience this level of rehabilitation with other practitioners who have the fancy degrees. Movement 360 goes the extra mile to fully rehabilitate and develop an individual's maximum level of functioning.”

Jennifer Riek | Egis Senior Home Care

"I initially consulted with Movement 360 because of weakness and popping I was experiencing in my left hip.  After working with Shannon over 7 sessions and continuing my practice at home, my hip issues have almost entirely resolved.  I now feel confident in my balance, stability, and strength, which have improved my walking.  I’m so thankful for the work Shannon and David do at Movement 360 and the knowledge they imparted to me, so I can enjoy my daily activities and spend more time adventuring outdoors."

Kathy Blake, MD | Retired Cardiologist

“Any “insider” knowledge I might have had as a physician did not prepare me for the day when I was diagnosed as having Parkinson’s Disease. David’s Movement 360 system works for me because it is based on his deep experience, powers of observation, and capacity to innovate, adapt and experiment with new ways of tackling a problem. David devises challenges, analyzes how and why my initial attempts fail, and crafts individualized solutions. My mobility, strength, and balance are noticeably better and continue to improve. I am confident that there’s nothing that I can’t overcome. Quitting is not an option!”

Lyn Freeman

"After 4 spinal surgeries, a doctor friend referred me to a movement therapist who he used—someone who had an ‘out of the box’ approach to healing that had produced remarkable results. That was my introduction to David and the Movement 360 system.  After my third session with him, I noticed an amazing change in the amount of pain I had.  In what seemed like a flash, I was completing 3-mile hikes and even tried my hand at some very physical table tennis. My LA-based neurologist could not believe the pace or extent of my recovery. I got his blessing for any number of physical activities. Bottom line, the Movement 360 practice took me through a very rough time and left me feeling better than I have in years."

Shawn Evans | Architect

"It’s strange to have this degenerative disease (Parkinson's) and feel like I’ve never felt better, and I absolutely attribute that to David. He's given me incredible confidence for the future."

David Rosen, MD | Emergency Medicine Physician

"David has more knowledge of the musculoskeletal system than any practitioner I've encountered, and that includes orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, physiatrists, and emergency medicine doctors.  He's someone who's done a deep dive, and it's a different level of attention that he pays to his clients.  This is the first time in 30 years that I'm relatively pain-free.  I've been a constant referral stream since meeting David."

Catherine Oppenheimer | Non-Profit Leader

"It is extremely important for my overall health to work with David Wargo and his Movement 360 approach. I have gone to him, off and on, for more than 10 years. As a former professional ballet dancer, I had 2 hip replacements in my 40s. David’s work helped me navigate those surgeries and get back to the very active lifestyle that makes me feel alive. My 2 healthy sons have also benefited from David’s body wisdom and connection-based workouts. Time spent with David has motivated them to be strong, physically in balance/connected, and excited about their overall well-being."

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