The Movement 360 system begins where YOU are, right now, at any stage of your life.  Clients range from an LPGA golfer in her early 20s who wants to raise her scores to a 70+ year old medical doctor who wants to get the most out of every day. We work with professional athletes, post-surgery patients in recovery, those seeking pain management, as well as young adults who are simply learning the fundamentals of healthy human movement.

Most chronic joint pain is caused by poor structural integrity.  We help you find your weak and disconnected links (muscles, tendons, fascia and neuro-connections), fix them, and your pain is alleviated naturally.  Keep in mind, the more you exercise with improper alignment, the more you can cause and ingrain chronic injury.

​Our Movement 360 program has proven to be extremely successful for mitigating severe pain in the back, knees, shoulders, hips, and nerves, as well as for neurological disorders such as Parkinson's Disease.  The program teaches each client how to heal themselves in a step-by-step system, through which greater frequency of practice results in faster healing.  If you do the work, it works.

The Movement 360 system identifies your unique structural limitations and creates a roadmap to reorganize and realign your body. The system starts working immediately, treating the cause(s) of your pain and injury.  Most people experience benefits following the very first session.  Misalignment of the body and posture typically begin at the epicenter of most structural issues--the pelvis. Rather than working on an individual symptom, the Movement 360 system finds the source of your pain and its step-by-step, holistic approach begins to provide you a foundation of strength through greater range of motion.