Live Free Without Pain



David's system begins where you are right now at any stage of your life. From LPGA golfer wanting to raise her scores to one of his 70+ year old doctors who want to get the most out of every day. From athletes, post-operation recovery, pain management to teaching teenagers the fundamentals of good movement, David has you covered with well over 10,000 successful client hours. David knows human movement.

Most chronic joint pain is caused by poor structural integrity. Find the weak and disconnected links (muscles, tendons, fascia and neuro-connections) fix them, and the pain goes away. The more you exercise with improper alignment the more you can cause injury.

David's program is extremely successful with severe back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain as well as with Parkinson's disease and nerve pain. It teaches each client how to heal themselves in a step by step program where the more frequently they use it the faster their body heals.

Your health begins with Structural Alignment.The Structural Alignment System identifies your unique structural limitations and creates a roadmap to reorganize and realign your body. The system starts working immediately, relieving the cause(s) of your pain and injury and most people experience benefits the very first session. Structural Alignment and posture begin at the epicenter of most structural issues, the pelvis. Rather than working on the symptom, the Structural Alignment System finds the source of your pain and injury and it's step by step process begins working almost immediately.