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I was extremely frustrated with the results from prescribed exercises and routines for Parkinson’s patients that have become commonplace in the medical and fitness industries. This frustration led to creating a system to work with newly diagnosed Parkinson’s patients that is beyond anything currently being used. This is based on feedback from neurologists, clients, and nationally known institutions focused on Parkinson’s. 

My work with clients living with Parkinson’s disease is centered on empowering and teaching them a system that simple and improves the quality of their lives the more they use it. I begin teaching my clients this system during our first session together and they take it home and begin improving their mobility, balance, strength and coordination immediately. 

I have Parkinson’s clients that range in age from 46 to 85 years old and all of my Parkinson's clients have improved dramatically with improvements in movement and balance their very first session with continuing improvements as the more they work the program. 

More about David's work with Parkinson's coming soon.